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Office Phone​: 602-926-3106

Social Media:
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Legislative District 17

Home City: Tucson

Occupation: Real Estate
Member Since: 2023


2023 Committee:

  • Vice Chair Education

  • Health & Human Services

  • Government

  • Judiciary 

Senator  Justine  Wadsack was elected to the  Arizona  State  Senate in  2022.  She  is  the  
Co-Chairman  of  the  Education  Committee,  and  also  serves  on  the  Government,  Judicial  
and Health & Human Services Committees.

Senator moved to  Tucson in  1974,  making it her home for  40  years.  In  1994,  she  
moved  to Chicago, where she built her career in Advertising & Public Relations, developing some of the first websites that accompanied some of the most memorable commercials for clients such as McDonalds, Budweiser, Bacardi, State Farm and Miller Lite at the beginning of the Dot-Com industry boom.


Upon her return to Arizona in 2003, she produced concert events for Arizona Tribal Nations 
and their Casinos, in addition to providing half-time artist performances for the NBA and NFL with National Artists like Journey, UB40, LL Cool J and Justin Bieber. In 2012, Justine earned her 
license, and joined the family business as a third-generation Realtor, and owned a team of up to seven Realtors, as a top producer.

In  2011,  Justine  married  her  husband  Garret,  a  22-Year,  USAF  Major  and  Clinic  Director 
at Davis Monthan Air Force Base. He retired in mid-2012 and is now a Physical Therapist working in the  Hospital  ER.  They  have  a  blended  family  of  six  adult  children;  Ashley-33  (Air  Force Reserves), Caitlin-30 (Navy Veteran/Reserves), Haley-27 (Navy Veteran), Graison-25 (Air Force Veteran), Braeden-20 (Type 1 Diabetes), and Julianna-19 (Epilepsy, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and the Cognitive ability of a 3 month old). Justine is the proud “Grandmother” to Granddaughters, Evelyn & Vera, and Grandson, Liam.


Justine’s  experience  as  a  small  business  owner,  Realtor,  Military  wife,  Military  mother, 
and disability  advocate  lead  to  her  desire  to  become  a  true  "Citizen  Legislator”  who  
will  provide those constituents with similar needs and experiences, the public servitude they 


Being  the  mother  to  two  special  needs  children  has  given  Justine  the  first-hand  
experience with the issues that have negatively affected her family and so many other families in Arizona today, in Education, Healthcare, and the State Agencies that have been designed to protect the system,  not  the  people.  Justine  took  on  the  schools  in  2014,  and  the  state  
government agencies  in  2016,  to  legally  to  uphold  the  rights  of  her  disabled  son  &  
daughter,  and  she learned where the problems are so she can make a difference as a Lawmaker.

Past achievements include:
•  Helped more than 3,000 Nurses, Doctors, Therapists, Raytheon Federal Contractors, Police, Sheriff 
Deputies, Firefighters and Teachers keep their jobs through Religious Exemptions.
•  Helped Covid-19 patients and their families learn their rights against hospital protocols so 
they could fight against forced ventilators, Remdesivir, and other hospital polices.
•  Held seminars teaching parents about their rights under ARS 1-601 & ARS 1-602.
•  Sued State Agencies DES/DDD/DCS and won.
•  Advocated  for  Parents  of  Special  Needs  children  in  IEP  meetings  at  TUSD  &  Dist.  16 
to ensure they received their rights under IDEA, FAPE and State Law.
•  Stopped Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE) at the Dept. of Education in 2019.
•  Helped  parents  hold  the  Vail  School  Board  (and  others)  accountable  during  the COVID-19 Mask Mandates, which in turn, taught parents how to get involved in their children’s education.

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