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Governor signs bill providing COVID liability protections to AZ businesses and health care workers

Monday, April 5, 2021


Governor signs bill providing COVID liability protections to Arizona businesses and healthcare workers

(Phoenix, State Capitol) ---- Governor Ducey today signed SB 1377, the COVID liability protection bill. The bill provides common sense protections for the frontline workers in healthcare, schools and businesses who have been invaluable during the pandemic response in Arizona.

The sponsor of the bill, Senator Vince Leach, says it was needed to protect businesses and health care providers from frivolous lawsuits. "Many of these people are on the frontlines of this pandemic," said Senator Leach. "Unfortunately, that means they will be targets of meritless lawsuits. With this bill becoming law this summer, a plaintiff will have the burden to prove by 'clear and convincing evidence that a person or provider failed to act or acted with willful misconduct or gross negligence' in order to win a civil suit."

Nationwide, more than 2,000 coronavirus-related cases have been brought forward despite businesses following approved guidelines. After Congress failed to pass legislation in 2020 to provide protections to businesses during the pandemic, states began enacting protections to help shield them from lawsuits that would only hinder their response efforts. Governor Ducey’s signing of SB 1377 means Arizona joins 25 other states that have passed similar legislation.


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