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Senator Brophy McGee's efforts are helping Arizona children and families in need

Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Senator Brophy McGee's efforts are helping Arizona

children and families in need

(State Capitol, Phoenix) – Senator Kate Brophy McGee introduced SB 1107 (child; family advocacy center; fund) in 2017 to fund the child and family advocacy center across Arizona. This bill, signed into law by Governor Ducey, allowed for more funding for the centers that are crucial in helping children across Arizona.

A child and family advocacy center provides services to primary and secondary victims of child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse and homicide. In general, child and family advocacy centers have multidisciplinary teams that include law enforcement, victims' rights advocates, health care providers, mental health practitioners, legal professionals and child protection officials.

"I cannot stress the importance of this matter enough," said Senator Brophy McGee. "This funding will help these centers run and provide more help for children and families in need of the services. I am thrilled that the Attorney General's office is working hard on these grants."

Senator Brophy McGee's bill established the Child and Family Advocacy Center Fund and outlined requirements for the administration of the Fund and the distribution of Fund monies. Centers that qualify for the grant can now apply and the application is open through August 17. The Attorney General's Office will be reviewing the application and awarding centers in September. The amount appropriated for the centers is $600,000. To be eligible for funds, a child and family advocacy center must certify to the AG's Office that it meets certain statutory criteria relating to its ability to provide victim services.


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