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Statement from Senate President Karen Fann on the counting of votes in Arizona

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Friday, November 6, 2020


Statement from Senate President Karen Fann

on the counting of votes in Arizona

"As Americans, we recognize and value our privilege to vote. It is our civic duty and a democratic right. Also, as legislators we strive to protect that right for all Arizonans. We are proud and delighted to see the outstanding voter turnout in our state.

I am aware of the protests happening in Phoenix, demanding votes be counted in Arizona, and that is exactly what is happening. I am closely monitoring what's going on in our state, reading all constituents' emails as they come in, and social media platforms to make sure I understand the concerns of our voters. If evidence comes forward of improprieties, I expect a swift and thorough investigation.

When there are issues concerning possible fraud, Arizona's Attorney General and the respective county attorney will investigate the accusation. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is on top of this matter. For instance, he has looked into the sharpie accusation and has brought peace of mind to Arizonans by confirming that it was an approved way of filling out a ballot.

Also, our county recorders have been elected by voters in those counties and we expect them to oversee the election in an ethical and transparent manner.

In Maricopa County, we will have another report of results around 7 pm tonight, and another tomorrow morning.

If you would like to follow the results as they come in, please click here:

Please remain patient and have trust in our Arizona election process."


For more information, contact:

Mike Philipsen, Director of Communications

Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

Cell (602) 904-2070

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