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Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs Blocks Senate Republican Bill Protecting Arizonans from Border-Related Crimes

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Monday, March 4, 2024   


Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs Blocks Senate Republican Bill

Protecting Arizonans from Border-Related Crimes


PHOENIX, ARIZONA— Senate Republicans are condemning Governor Katie Hobbs after she irresponsibly vetoed critical legislation today that would have provided law enforcement the ability to protect Arizonans from heinous crimes associated with Joe Biden's border invasion.


As a direct result of the federal government's failure to enforce existing immigration laws, tens of thousands of people illegally enter the United States through the southern Arizona border on a monthly basis, leading to an overwhelming abundance of criminal activity in our communities. From human smuggling to child sex trafficking, rapes, murders, drug trafficking, fentanyl overdoses, high-speed chases, subsequent deadly crashes, and other atrocities, local law enforcement personnel have reached their breaking point trying to protect the lives of our citizens from this invasion.


SB 1231, known as the Arizona Border Invasion Act, would have established in Arizona law three border-related crimes with subsequent punishments. Local, county, and state law enforcement officers would have been granted authority to arrest any non-U.S. citizens who enter Arizona from anywhere but a lawful entrance point, as well as those who have already been removed from our country or denied entry, and those who have previously been ordered to leave but refuse to comply.


"The heart-wrenching February 22 murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley happened at the hands of a criminal who entered our country illegally. Arizona families are being torn apart by similar devastation," said bill sponsor Senator Janae Shamp. "The Legislature did its job to protect our citizens, but Governor Hobbs failed to do hers. Vetoing the Arizona Border Invasion Act is a prime example of the chaos Hobbs is unleashing in our state while perpetuating this open border crisis as Biden's accomplice. Arizonans want and deserve safe communities. Our local, county, and state law enforcement officers are pleading for help, and they support this legislation to protect our citizens. Their blood, sweat, and tears shed while trying to keep our communities safe from the staggering number of border-related crimes hitting our state will not be in vain. The Republican-controlled Legislature will continue to prioritize closing our border and providing law enforcement with the tools they need. This veto is a slap in the face to them, Arizona's victims of border-related crimes, and other citizens who will inevitably feel the wrath of this border invasion in one way, shape, or form at the hands of Hobbs and Biden."



For more information, contact:

Kim Quintero

Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

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Judy Hentges
Judy Hentges
Mar 07

I don't live in AZ but why doesn't the AZ Legislature override her veto? You have the ability to do that, just do it!!! Get some grit and save our country! Or at least save your state!

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