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President Fann Responds to Maricopa County's Audit Review

Thursday, January 6, 2022


President Karen Fann Responds to Maricopa County's Recognition of Needed Improvements To Its Elections Processes

"From day one, the Arizona Senate's efforts have been in pursuit of a singular goal – identifying and implementing improvements to our election's processes. Although it took 14 months and a costly audit, Maricopa County yesterday joined us in pursuit of this worthwhile objective. Finally, the County identified and submitted instances where ballots may have been cast illegally to the Attorney General. Finally, the County admitted that ballots had in fact been scanned and counted twice. Finally, the County is adding processes to better identify double-counted ballots, a new system to check for deceased voters, and changing how it tracks and stores duplicate ballots," said President Karen Fann (R-1).

"As our efforts have clearly shown, elections processes here in Arizona are not designed to be easily audited, unlike every other government process accountable to citizens. Now that the County is joining us, we look forward to implementing improvements to add ease, authentication, transparency, and accountability to our elections processes in the coming legislative session. Maricopa County took an important first step with us yesterday, and we look forward to their cooperation to improve voter confidence in our elections going forward," said President Fann. "Meanwhile, we're still reviewing this report, while patiently waiting for data from the Special Master on the routers and splunk log. We're also looking forward to hearing from the Attorney General on the results of his investigation."


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